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Foos Manager Beta

General Site Information

Benefits of Registering

  • Add or Edit a tournament
  • Add or Edit a director
  • Add or Edit a venue
  • View all the directors
  • View all the venues
  • View other members
  • Submit a tournament correction

You must be a registered member to view other members. By default your profile is public, by editing your profile you can set it to private. After doing so you'll no longer show up in the members list. Only submit valid, current, and accurate information.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Chrome is the preferred browser
  • Allow Javascript to run
  • Allow cookies for this site
  • If prompt install Adobe Flash Player

NOTE:   Firefox has known issues with fonts and some other html elements. If you are using MS IE version 8 or older, results may vary. MS IE 9+ should be okay. Opera, Safari and MS IE EDGE have no known issues with this site. This site has not been optimized for mobile, sorry, there just isn't enough time in a day for everything!

Report An Error

If you find an error click the report error icon for quick and easy error reporting. After doing so the error will be reviewed as soon as possible and any necessary corrections will be made.

Claim A Tournament

Any tournament that doesn't have an owner can be claimed. If you claim a tournament you take responsibility for maintaining and updating the tournament. If for any reason you no longer want to maintain a tournament you own, simply drop it then another member can manage it.

Drop A Tournament

Any of your tournament(s) can be dropped at any time. Do this if you no longer want to be in charge of maintaining this tournament. Once a tournament is dropped, another member can claim and take responsibility for maintaining it.

Edit An Existing Director, Tournament Or Venue

In order to edit a tournament you have to be the owner, a moderator, or an administrator. In order to edit a director or venue you need to be the person who submitted them, a moderator, or an administrator. If you see an error and are unable to edit it please contact Anovative Apps. You may also simply click the Report Error icon listed in the top right of every tournament and send a quick description of the error.

Add A New Tournament

When adding a new tournament a venue is required. You can add a new venue or use an existing one. Directors are optional but suggested if you know the name of the person running the tournament.

Add A New Director

Adding someone as a director will make them available for use when adding a new tournament, or editing an existing one. If you run a tournament(s) then you can add yourself as a director and link your director info to your profile.

Add A New Venue

Adding a venue will make it available to everyone when adding a new tournament or editing an existing one. If you know of a place that hosts tournaments but don't know any details about the tournament go ahead and add the venue.

Mark For Removal

Anything you wish to have removed from the site will need to be marked for removal. After something is marked for removal it will need to be reviewed by a site administrator and if approved they will remove it from the site. If you notice a venue that no longer exists or is no longer hosting tournaments please mark it for removal.

If any tournaments details this should not be marked for removal, instead the owner of this tournament should update it accordingly. If the tournament does not have an owner then claim it and make the appropriate changes yourself.